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Build a robust pipeline of the students you most want to enroll

Your pipeline of inquiries provides a foundation for every other aspect of your enrollment performance is built. Whether you’re looking to increase headcount, grow tuition revenue, or shape your class, the main drivers of your success will be the size and quality of your inquiry pool.

Our search offerings use tested and proven methods to identify the ideal set of candidates for your institution and build deep engagement with them.

Campaigns We Offer

Year-Round Search

Year-Round Search builds robust relationships with high school students well in advance of their senior year—an effort proven to translate into higher application rates. 

  • Identify candidates that conventional search approaches often miss
  • Contact students the moment their names become available
  • Gain unrivaled, proprietary insight into messages and formats that resonate with students
  • Optimize all communications for tablets and phones
  • Grow your student response rates to approximately double industry average
  • Continuously update campaign analytics via an online, 24-7 self-service portal

Full-Service Fulfillment 

Fulfillment continues the initial conversation with Search responders and encourages the next step in the relationship—visiting campus and further exploring your offerings. 

  • Craft strategic, research-driven follow-up campaigns to maximize Search response data
  • Ensure that interested students receive electronic communications or paper mailing within a week of responding to Search
  • Provide responding students with valuable, proprietary, and student-centered information
  • Include links to your website—now customized to appeal to your targeted student body
  • Choose the campaign structure and duration that works best for your institution: 30-day or year-round programs available