Making Your Digital Ads Count

15 lessons on new and emerging techniques in undergraduate recruitment marketing

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Enrollment teams often face difficult tradeoffs come budget time and decisions around recruitment-marketing investments can be especially tough.

Should you hire more staff for your social media team? Or invest in better website analytics? Or buy more advertising? Given how quickly the digital-marketing discipline is evolving, questions like these have never been more complicated or more fraught with the risk of costly missteps.

Our new white paper Making Your Digital Ads Count offers crucial context for digital recruitment strategy decisions for undergraduate enrollment. Providing both a broad overview of the digital marketing landscape and a nuanced analysis of digital advertising, this report will be of use to both experienced staff and those newer to the digital terrain.

Specific questions addressed include:

  • How critical is lead generation for my digital marketing efforts?
  • How much should I invest in paid versus unpaid digital channels?
  • How should I assess the impact of my digital-marketing investments?
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