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Visualize your market

By analyzing your admissions and financial aid data, we deliver a multi-layered understanding of your position and opportunities.

Construct an aid model

We specialize in creating aid models that are fully customized, exclusive, transparent, and revisable.

Monitor enrollment

Real-time data review throughout the enrollment cycle enables us to suggest adjustments to achieve enrollment success.

What We Offer

Descriptive analysis

  • Extract and examine your past three years of enrollment data
  • Meticulous verification of data accuracy prior to delivering analyses
  • Identify and deliver key findings to on-campus partners

Live simulation model

  • Live model enables you to iterate on aid policy variants in real time
  • Models are 100% transparent with respect to assumptions and structure
  • Findings from modeling mapped to concrete aid policy recommendations
  • Model strategy and implementation honors your mission and drives toward your strategic enrollment goals

Our Financial Aid Optimization Experts


Stacie Toal


Kathy Dawley


Seth Harris


Nathan Mueller


Fred Pfursich


Carol Stack

How We Work

  • Combined financial aid and admissions data sets, producing more powerful analytics
  • Unparalleled strategic agility and ability to respond to unexpected  results
  • Deep customization of models ensures alignment with institutional mission and values
  • Customized presentations for boards, cabinets, and faculty available
150 years

The length of hands on, on-campus admissions and financial aid experience our financial aid optimization experts have