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Technology and Services

Our technology and services implement and hardwire best practices across your most critical functions: enrollment management, student success, and growth and academic operations. Start exploring them below or scroll down for a guided introduction to each.

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Find out how the Student Success Collaborative can help you improve enrollment, retention, and graduation rates.

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How We Help

Academic Performance Solutions

Academic Performance Solutions is a new partnership that arms your team with department-specific benchmarks to facilitate challenging resource discussions across campus. | Learn more

Top 10 no-regrets analyses
10 "no-regrets" analyses

Explore 10 analyses that isolate the key drivers of academic costs, pinpoint opportunities for savings, and allow department leaders to better meet future student demand. Get the infographic


Guide is a direct-to-student mobile platform designed to support academic progress—reaching the right student with the right message at the right time to promote good habits and facilitate connection to the right resources. | Learn more

Royall & Company

EAB's Royall & Company partners with more than 350 colleges and universities to provide strategic, data-driven solutions that achieve their unique institutional goals. We target qualified prospective freshmen and transfer students, building engaging relationships throughout the search, application, and yield process. We also offer data-driven expertise in graduate student recruitment, financial aid optimization, and advancement. | Learn more

Student Success Collaborative

EAB's Student Success Collaborative™ (SSC) combines technology, research, and consulting to help institutions improve graduation rates through risk identification, coordinated student support, and effectiveness analytics. | Learn more

The gift of predictive analytics

“Joining SSC has made a dramatic shift in the culture of advising and student success and retention. This is helping me find so many students I would have missed." View video

The Murky Middle
The Murky Middle

Explore SSC's emerging research on the sizeable but often overlooked group of students who manage to get through their first year without raising any red flags—yet stand a good chance of dropping out before completing their degree. Get the infographic

Student Success Collaborative - Navigate

SSC-Navigate combines research, robust student data, and a proprietary analytics engine into a direct-to-student platform that puts—and keeps—community college students on a path to success. | Learn more

Chutes and Ladders
Is your enrollment process a game of Chutes and Ladders?

Instead of a linear path, many students experience enrollment as a convoluted series of steps, similar to a game of Chutes and Ladders. Get the infographic

Joining the Collaborative

“This is an opportunity to operate more smoothly [to] best serve our students...In higher education we have been waiting so long for this, we thought progressive technology like Google and Amazon would never come into our world."
—Dr. Jan Clayton, AVP Student Affairs, Tulsa Community College

University Spend Collaborative

Combines business intelligence, data analytics, and consulting to assist chief procurement officers in elevating their practices to reduce university spend. | Learn more

Barry Swanson
Elevating business performance

“The dedicated advisor is an extension of my department and really helps the university get their business done at a much higher level and with much more effectiveness." View video

Disciplining University Spend

Examine the critical priority of reducing outside spend by working with faculty and purchasing departments to achieve greater efficiency in a difficult university operating environment. Continue reading