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On-Demand Webconference

APS Boot Camp for Deans

About this Series

The APS Platform gives academic leaders access to critical data that informs decisions impacting resource allocation, student progress, and institution operations. Join the APS dedicated consultants for this training series, which will provide a closer look at specific ways deans are leveraging the data. Each of the five sessions covers a different topic and includes a guided walkthrough of the platform to help you navigate to supporting analyses.

Past Events In Series

Making Data-Informed Faculty Line Decisions

The final session will support deans in finding critical metrics that can be used when evaluating faculty line requests, such as relative growth of the department and how well current resources are utilized.

Examining Distinct Course Proliferation

During the fourth session in the training series, users will learn to navigate to analyses that compare the trends in distinct course offerings to trends in enrollment over time. This will help deans ensure that new course offerings are keeping pace with enrollment.

Monitoring Faculty Course Loads

In the third session of the series we’ll turn our attention to faculty workloads. Users will learn to navigate the Faculty Tab of the APS platform, specifically analyses of course load and class size by instructor type.

Matching Section Offerings to Demand

The second session of the training series will focus on evaluating opportunities to shift resources from underfilled sections to sections that are overfilled, ultimately reducing bottlenecks.

Reducing Section Variation in Course Completion

In the first session of the series, we’ll demonstrate how deans can use APS to prioritize initiatives to increase course completion. Users will learn where to find course completion analyses and how to drill into courses that have significant variance of completion rates among sections.