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A Data Driven-Approach to Improving Course Completion

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About the Webconference

As students make their way back to campus this fall, academic leaders are thinking about steps they can take to improve course completion rates in the coming semester.

What are the median completion rates by college, department, course level? Which courses have the highest number of unearned credit hours? Are there common reasons certain courses see lower completion rates than others?

In order to answer these questions, academic leaders must first quantify low course completion rates, which is one of the many progress barriers that can hinder a student’s ability to move towards his or her academic goals. This task can be vexing, and requires data at the institutional, department, and course level to paint a clear picture.

Watch the recording above to hear from our experts on how Academic Performance Solutions can help you leverage institutional data and peer benchmarks to determine the right improvement strategy.

Presenters: Hersh Steinberg and Chetan Rao