Benchmarking Data Report on Class Size

2017 Benchmarking Insight Reports

APS’s founding members share the ambition of building the nation’s authoritative source of discipline level benchmarks of instructional costs, enrollment patterns, and faculty utilization—a quantitative MRI of program performance to complement mission and quality priorities in academic planning.

Our Benchmarking Data Report on Class Size is the first in a series of reports that will provide the APS membership with insightful, actionable information around key performance indicators. The data included in these reports will allow you to compare information across a wide variety of metrics to your peer institutions and can serve as one of many inputs in conversations about academic resource allocation.

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Now more than ever, institutional success depends on university leaders taking a strategic, methodical approach to university management—and that starts with the right data. Learn how Academic Performance Solutions can empower academic and financial leaders to make more effective decisions.

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