Course Completion Toolkit

Guide to Building a Data-Informed Course Completion Initiative

Use this toolkit to embed data in initiatives that support student progress and outcomes.

Course Completion

Supporting student progress is on every institution’s list of priorities. The course completion rate, which is the percentage of attempted credits that were earned per course, is a key indicator in measuring student progress. Institutions that target course completion improvements in courses where students are most impacted can better help students on their path to graduation.

The Course Completion Toolkit includes six tools that will help members of Academic Performance Solutions (APS) embed data in initiatives that promote improved student outcomes.

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Tool 1: Milestones (pg. 7)
Use this timeline to guide and track your progress as you design and implement a new initiative.

Tool 2: Talking Points Worksheet (pg. 11)
Once your institution has established goals and ownership for the new initiative, fill out the worksheet to prepare for questions you may receive.

Tool 3: Email Templates to Introduce New Initiatives (pg. 15)
To ensure a new initiative is positively received across campus, it is important to first introduce the topic and use of data in person. This allows for discussion and clarification, which can be difficult to achieve over email. After the verbal introduction, we recommend sending an email in follow up.

Tool 4: How-to Guide for Identifying Opportunities in the APS Platform (pg. 19)
Leverage this guide to pinpoint opportunities to support student progress at your institution. If your institution selects metrics different from the ones included in this guide, work with your dedicated consultant to determine the best ways to use analyses in the APS platform.

Tool 5: Tactics for Course Completion Improvement (pg. 23)
Choose and employ tactics to accomplish the new initiative’s goals. Not every tactic works for every institution or every opportunity, so it is critical to identify which ones are right for you.

Tool 6: Reflection Guide (pg. 25)
After your institution has implemented the new initiative and measured results, use this guide to reflect on the process. This will help you proactively prepare for your next initiative.

Download the Toolkit

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