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Explore our how-to guides that will help you navigate the APS Platform to prioritize resources and inform decisions on topics such as course completion, section offerings, and faculty course loads.

Matching Section Offerings with Demand

A common challenge institutions face is offering the right number of sections to both efficiently use resources and avoid bottleneck courses that limit student progress. Low-fill sections use instructional resources that could be repurposed to better support the goals of a department. By reducing the number of low-fill sections, department chairs can free up faculty time and classroom space, redirecting those resources to bottleneck courses.

Use the guide to learn how to find opportunities in your APS Platform to rightsize your department’s section offerings.

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Metrics to Support Faculty Line Requests

The process to allocate new faculty lines varies widely both within and across institutions. In all cases, including the right data in your request tells a more comprehensive and compelling story about why a new faculty line is needed and complements qualitative documentation.

Use the guide to learn which metrics in your APS Platform support your faculty line decisions.

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Monitoring Faculty Course Loads

Examining course loads includes understanding not only the number of sections taught, but also the student level and size of the class. Academic leaders should use this information to ensure that expectations are met for how faculty spend time, as well as to ensure that students are exposed to different teaching styles and curriculum.

Use the guide to learn how to monitor faculty course loads in your department and find potential opportunities in the APS Platform.

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Reducing Variation in Course Completion

One critical measure of student progress is whether or not students earn credit for attempted courses, which impacts time-to-degree, financial aid eligibility, and persistence. While course completion can be influenced by various factors outside of the classroom, one way academic leaders have an opportunity to influence student outcomes within the classroom is by examining and addressing the variation of completion rates among instructors teaching the same course.

Use the guide to learn how to explore section-level completion data in your APS Platform and identify opportunities to improve course completion.

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Aligning Distinct Course Offerings with Enrollment Trends

While institutions seek to offer comprehensive and relevant curriculums to attract students and provide high-quality programs, they must also ensure that resources are not stretched too thin. Proliferation of elective courses can strain faculty resources and lead to students accumulating unnecessary credits. One way institutions can address this challenge is by comparing changes in course offerings to trends in student demand.

Use the guide to learn how APS supports your goals to align course offerings with student enrollment.

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