SSC-Navigate Member Success Stories

How community colleges are partnering with SSC-Navigate to improve student retention and success

About the Case Studies

Below is a collection of case studies profiling how community colleges nationwide are partnering with SSC-Navigate to achieve meaningful gains in student retention and success.

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How Wiregrass Georgia Technical College achieved enrollment gains by transforming its advising model

December 2017 | Wiregrass Georgia Technical College

Student success has always been at the heart of Wiregrass Georgia Technical College's (Wiregrass) advising model. But prior to 2017, students had minimal insight into the academic planning process and relied on advisors to create class schedules term after term. Learn how Wiregrass achieved a 4% uptick in applicant yield using Navigate.

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How Berkshire Community College used grant money to expand student success efforts

November 2016 | Berkshire Community College

Berkshire Community College struggled with a 6% decline in graduation rates, but college leaders allocated a portion of their Title III federal grant to partner with SSC-Navigate. Through Navigate's technology platform, the college will be able to better collaborate to support students in and out of the classroom.

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How one community college engaged more high school students—without breaking the bank

November 2016 | Thomas Nelson Community College

Thomas Nelson Community College maintained a number of partnerships with area high schools, but struggled to enroll many of these students. Find out how implementing an EAB best practice helped them increase enrollment from these schools by 3% and generate more than $15,000 in additional revenue.

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Improving barriers to enrollment yielded Danville Community College $70K in tuition revenue

October 2016 | Danville Community College

See how the Student Success Collaborative–Navigate helped leaders at Danville Community College streamline their onboarding process to increase both applicant yield and tuition revenue.

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Redesigning the student experience and preparing for technology implementation with change management

December 2015 | Nashua Community College

Discover how leaders at Nashua Community College gained insight into their 42% first-year attrition rate through a change-management engagement with EAB ahead of implementing the SSC-Navigate platform on campus.

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Empowering student self-service to focus limited advisor time on at-risk populations

December 2015 | Tulsa Community College

Students at Tulsa Community College were heavily reliant on advisors to register for classes, but there were not enough advisors to serve every student. Learn how SSC-Navigate helped the college increase its self-service registration services to achieve a 77% reduction in the number of students expected to request advisor help during onboarding.

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