Bringing Guided Pathways to Life

25 Strategies for Community College Leaders and Innovators

Bringing Guided Pathways to Life

Community college leaders have talked about repairing the "leaky pipeline" of community college persistence for years. However, in spite of overwhelming commitment to student success and millions of dollars invested in reform, three-year and six-year completion rates have plateaued.

As more state funds become tied to institutional performance and the public increases pressure on higher education to demonstrate return on investment, EAB members have sought support to help more students enroll, persist, and succeed. At the same time, the term “Guided Pathways” has permeated into virtually every conversation about community college student success, and leaders are wondering how best to approach this ambitious model for institutional redesign.

Most agree on the goals of the Guided Pathways model:

  • Clarify pathways to end goals
  • Help students choose pathways
  • Help students stay on path
  • Ensure students are learning

The challenge is creating a student success strategy that serves all students at scale, and meets the needs of budget-constrained and diversifying college campuses.

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This resource offers EAB analysis of the Guided Pathways movement in the community college sector, identifies the most common questions about implementation, and offers over two dozen strategies for college leaders to bring the model to life at their institutions. Our research highlights strategies in change management, student communication, and technology to meet to needs of any community college considering adopting Guided Pathways.

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