2018 Community College Case Study Compendium

Highlighting breakthrough results from nine EAB members

SSC Case Study Compendium

At EAB, we have the privilege of partnering with community colleges across the country to help students reach and surpass their goals.

This compendium offers a collection of success stories from some of our most forward-thinking members — you will learn how these institutions leveraged our research, technology, and consulting services to achieve breakthrough results including improving the onboarding experience, increasing FAFSA completion rates, maximizing advisor efficiency, decreasing summer melt and generating new tuition revenue.

We helped members achieve breakthrough results in the following categories:

  • Student Experience
  • Marketing
  • Guided Onboarding
  • Academic Planning
  • Advising

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Overcome the Roadblocks on Your Route to Student-Centric Pathways

Overcome the Roadblocks on Your Route to Student-Centric Pathways

Most community college students struggle to efficiently complete their degrees within the desired time frame. While life factors are often cited as the most common reason for the delay, many students simply don’t know the logical (and shortest) sequence for completing all the necessary courses. Learn more about the roadblocks that can slow your college’s design of guided pathways and how best to avoid them.

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