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Colleges cannot increase student completion without transformative student success initiatives—and the funds to execute on these plans. Find support for your student success grant efforts with our research, resources, and answers to your commonly asked questions, all in one place.

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Looking to identify grant funding sources and find guidance during the application process?

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"This is just…so spot on. The Research Overview is my favorite part—you just really understand our college."
"I also really like the Recommended Grant Competitions page. Truth be told, I just don’t have time to look for that kind of stuff on my own."

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Grant consulting

Looking to identify new funding sources in the face of funding cuts and shrinking budgets?

Watch our webinar with Berkshire Community College, where they share their experience pursuing and ultimately winning a grant award.

Expert Perspectives

Read our expert takes on how standard methods and thought processes may be thwarting your best efforts to improve student outcomes, and learn what you can do to create institutional student-centered change.

Grant Strategies for Community College

Three grant myths that stifle student success efforts

Grant Strategies Meeting

The community college leader's guide to overcoming 'new initiative' anxiety

Financial Aid for Community College

Why federal financial aid isn’t enough for students

Grant Strategies for Community Colleges

Make winning grants your new year's resolution

Infographic: 7 Myths About Winning Institutional Grants

7 Grant Myths Infographic

Institutional grant funding can be an important ingredient in transformative student success efforts. But many colleges and universities miss on grant opportunities because they don't understand how to take advantage of them.

EAB has done in-depth research on the drivers of institutional grant success and found seven persistent myths about grants that need to be dispelled, presented in this infographic.

Download the infographic.

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