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Faculty and Staff

Create a connected and coordinated network of support for every student, enabling targeted intervention and proactive, strategic care.

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Platform Capabilities

Coordinated Care Network

Coordinate campus-wide student support through early alerts, case referrals, closed-loop reporting, and centralized interaction records like notes, documents, and customizable permissions

Campaign Management

Improve advisor efficiency and promote proactive advising with targeted, mass outreach to students, including responsive scheduling and tools to monitor campaign results

Smart Student Profile

Provide intelligent and actionable student data (academic, financial, behavioral) to support holistic and strategic student care

Appointment Scheduling

Provide faculty and staff with flexible appointment scheduling and tools to promote better planning and availability management.

 Instituting Navigate really allowed us to come together as a university. We had different units who all operated like an island...EAB really set the foundation for us to start working collaboratively across campus. 

                                                                                 â€“Associate Vice Chancellor, Small Public University