Navigate Adoption Toolkit

Use this toolkit to engage key stakeholders and facilitate early adoption and utilization across campus.

Sustaining Momentum During Presidential Transitions

When deploying Navigate, it is critical for campus Program Owners to secure buy-in from faculty, staff, and students in order to achieve transformational change and maximize returns. Having a solid communication strategy will allow you to educate Navigate users, encourage and drive adoption, and therefore increase utilization of the technology.

This toolkit is specifically designed to help Program Owners introduce and communicate the benefits of Navigate to the numerous college staff who will ultimately train, promote and support the use of Navigate with peers, faculty, and students.

The toolkit outlines 15 high-impact practices for introducing Navigate on campus.

Introducing College Staff to Navigate

  • Tool 1: Who is EAB? Cheat-Sheet
  • Tool 2: EAB Student Success 101 Reading List
  • Tool 3: Navigate Fact Sheet Builder
  • Tool 4: Navigate Staff Introduction Letter
  • Tool 5: Navigate Elevator Pitch Builder

Training College Staff to Promote Navigate

  • Tool 6: Beginners’ Guide to 3-2-1 Staff Update Email
  • Tool 7: Orientation Leader Training Plan
  • Tool 8: “Introduction to Navigate” Orientation Script
  • Tool 9: Advisor’s Navigate Discussion Topics
  • Tool 10: Navigate FAQ Answer Bank

Promoting Navigate to Students

  • Tool 11: Overview: EAB Student Email Communication Plan
  • Tool 12: Welcome EAB Template
  • Tool 13: Promotional Email Signature Template
  • Tool 14: Promotional Posters and Physical Print Materials
  • Tool 15: Student Ambassador Program Start-Up Plan

Track Your Adoption Initiatives and Identify Your Team

  • Adoption Toolkit Accountability List

Learn more about how Navigate helps students during onboarding

During research to understand the new student experience during onboarding, what emerged was a wide range of stressful situations that often elicit “fight-or-flight” reactions, threatening students’ enrollment and long-term success at the college. The infographic reminds staff and faculty about common student stressors, and presents a framework for redesigning onboarding to meet students’ needs.

Download the infographic

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