• Manage Your Events
  • Saved webpages and searches
  • Manage your subscriptions
  • Update personal information
  • Invite a colleague

Create programs for your community

We compare current program growth with market potential and segment programs based on growth prospects.

Target your best-fit prospective students

We stratify students based on likely program interest, then develop custom communication strategies for each segment.

Reach your students in the most effective way

We help you centrally manage your campaigns so you can refine campaign strategy and operations in real time.

1 million

The number of adult search prospects Royall had contact with in 2015

Why Royall?

  • Brand-customized communication: Create multi-channel campaigns in your unique voice
  • Multi-launch campaigns: Engage candidates as their names become available through a variety of channels
  • Expanded reach: Royall contacted over 1 million adult search prospects in 2015
  • Real-time reporting: MyRoyall allows you to view campaign results immediately

Reverse the trend of declining graduate program enrollment
Speak with a Royall & Company expert today to see how we can help you meet your graduate enrollment goals.

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