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How We Help

Royall & Company offers services for each of the three phases of student recruitment: search, application, and yield. Every program in our suite is fully customized to respond to your institution’s unique challenges and ambitions. We tailor our programs to ensure a close fit with your institution’s budget, staff capacities, enrollment aims, and operational capabilities.

Mindful of the growing importance of community college students on the undergraduate enrollment landscape, we also offer a suite of tools specifically for targeting transfer students.

What We Offer

Build a robust pipeline with our Search services

  • Search: Shape the size, geographic diversity, academic quality, and demographic mix of your inquiry pool
  • Fulfillment: Sustain the conversation with Search responders and encourage the next step in the relationship—visiting campus and further exploring your offerings

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Drive immediate results with our Application services

  • Custom application marketing: Activate your application as a marketing and customer service platform
  • Web application: Ensure a frictionless experience for applicants and capture comprehensive data for all related interactions
  • Common Application marketing: Use digital media, email, and paper campaigns to build affinity with applicants and shepherd them through application submission
  • Transfer application marketing: Engage transfer students with messages that resonate with their unique concerns

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Ensure maximum aid impact with our Yield services

  • Financial aid optimization: Work with Hardwick Day, the leading source for financial aid optimization, to set a financial aid policy and build an award model that will help you exceed your revenue, recruitment and enrollment goals
  • Affordability marketing: Engages students and their families in a structured consideration of the value of an education from your institution and ensure that students understand the FAFSA and file promptly
  • Deposit IQ: Our suite of proprietary surveying, data analysis, and reporting methodologies gives you unmatched visibility into accepted students’ intentions

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How likely Royall-recruited students are to enroll relative to other marketing approaches

Our Process

The 6 Phases of a Royall Engagement

  1. Refine your enrollment strategy
  2. Establish a data infrastructure
  3. Develop your creative assets
  4. Operationalize your targeting strategy
  5. Deploy your campaign
  6. Measure campaign impact

Learn how Royall helped one university increase enrollment by 158%

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Royall’s offerings are comprehensive, ranging from initial strategy through assessment of your campaign—and everything in between. Most importantly, however, they are highly customized and responsive: We develop a deep understanding of your organization and provide a dedicated, multidisciplinary team to work with you each step of the way.

"With Royall as our partner, we are comfortable developing a very innovative, aggressive, and creative approach to enrollment. And, thanks to this continuous dialogue about how this process is changing, we know we’ll be ready for future challenges—whatever they may be."

–Ned Jones, Siena College

Why Royall?

  • Custom data infrastructure: Applicant and responder data in the format that's most efficient for your systems and needs
  • Greater reach: Increase your access to populations traditionally underserved by American higher ed
  • Performance you can count on: We combine insights from your enrollment data with lessons we've learned from our past work with over 350 colleges and universities 
  • Detailed analysis: Each of our campaigns is carefully evaluated from start to finish
  • Multi-year recruiting: Create a comprehensive framework of customized, one-to-one initiatives that extend throughout the enrollment lifecycle
  • Creative control: We create a full range of creative tools to mobilize your brand; you maintain input and sign off on all creative work

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