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All Royall campaigns incorporate digital services to help you reach students in the way they will respond best

Royall’s approach has always been based on research and testing, aimed at discovering which types of student recruitment outreach, in which combinations, get the best response.

In other words, our work has been multichannel from the start. Digital is playing an increasingly prominent role in that mix—a direct reflection of students’ evolving communication preferences as highlighted in Royall's most recent survey.

Royall takes a 360 degree approach to communication—incorporating digital, print, and more—to ensure that we are using the best channel for each student.

What We Offer

  • Unbiased, data-driven channel selection: Royall’s decades of testing experience allow us to focus only on those channels proven to have the biggest impact
  • Getting the most out of every channel: Our iterative testing approach ensures that outreach is optimized for each particular channel
  • Cost optimization across channels: Our evidence-based approach has taught us which combinations produce the greatest results with the least expense
  • Fully coordinated campaign execution: The comprehensive scope of Royall’s multichannel capabilities ensures efficient, responsive execution

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Royall Digital Services are incorporated into Royall campaigns at no extra cost
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