In order to maximize student engagement and persistence, you need to empower students with the information that will keep them on a path toward graduation. Instead of relying on resource-strapped advisors or tools that are inert and passive, institutions need a breakthrough solution with a progressive, student-centric approach. Guide is a student-centered mobile app that provides students with the support that they need where they need it—on their phones.

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Build a high-tech, high-touch student service model

Learn how to redesign your student services by determining which activities are best accomplished through technology and which require personal interaction.

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How a simple change in messaging could combat ‘summer melt’

While existing approaches to summer melt tackle procedural barriers to enrollment, none seem to address the real fears of disadvantaged students—that they weren’t fit for college in the first place. Our latest insight on student communication can help you shift your messaging to improve enrollment.

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Student Success Collaborative

Combines technology, research, and predictive analytics to help institutions positively inflect outcomes with at-risk and off-path students.

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