Promoting Guide to Students

Tools to encourage Guide adoption and utilization

Guide, EAB’s student mobile platform, helps schools support and retain more students by empowering them to achieve critical academic milestones and alerting them to potential roadblocks sooner. Seeing the full impact of Guide, however, requires widespread student adoption of the mobile application. This toolkit documents strategies that Guide members have successfully deployed to achieve high rates of adoption.

This toolkit is specifically designed to help Program Owners promote Guide to students with high-impact, in-person practices for promoting Guide across a wide variety of campus contexts. Select from the options below to learn more about each tool. To learn how to promote across digital channels like Twitter and Snapchat, check out the Digital Handbook to Promoting Guide.

  • Tool 1: Internal Staff Communications Plan Builder
  • Tool 2: Guide Elevator Pitch Builder
  • Tool 3: Guide Welcome Letter
  • Tool 4: Student FAQ Answer Bank
  • Tool 5: In-Person Promotion Plan Builder
  • Tool 6: Orientation Leader Training Plan
  • Tool 7: Student Empathy Exercise
  • Tool 8: Orientation Script: "Introducing Guide"
  • Tool 9: First-Year Seminar Curriculum Activities
  • Tool 10: Advising Session Discussion Starter
  • Tool 11: Guide Advertisement Distribution Plan Builder
  • Tool 12: Guide Promotional Materials
  • Tool 13: DIY: Design Your Own Poster
  • Tool 14: Guide Orientation Teaser Video
  • Tool 15: DIY: Create Your Own Video
  • Tool 16: Branded Swag
  • Tool 17: Parent Email, Postcardsm and Newsletters
  • Appendix A: Scavenger Hunt Template
  • Appendix B: Advisor Email Campaign Templates
  • Appendix C: EAB Poster and Postcard Library

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