About the Student Success Collaborative

Leveraging Predictive Analytics and Powerful Case Management Technology

EAB's Student Success Collaborative (SSC) combines technology, consulting, and best practice research to help colleges and universities use data to improve retention and graduation rates. At the core of SSC is a proprietary predictive model that identifies at-risk students as well an analytics engine that isolates systemic barriers to degree completion. To complement the predictive model, SSC provides advisors and other student success specialists with powerful communication and workflow tools to transform insight to action and administrators with customized change management guidance to support institutional transformation.

With SSC, institutions can identify, reach, and monitor students at scale while accessing rich data to measure intervention effectiveness.

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Included in the SSC Membership

Data analytics and predictive modeling

We mine historical data to generate accurate and actionable risk assessments for each student at your institution. Predictive algorithms generate individualized recommendations that help students understand what steps are necessary to increase their likelihood of graduation.

Comprehensive, proven student success platform

Critical intelligence on student risk is delivered directly to the desktops of key institutional stakeholders. Advisors, faculty, and other student success specialists see at a glance which students are in need of intervention, and have a broad set of communication features to transform insight into action and outcomes. Administrators have analytics and tools that show opportunities for targeted, systemic improvement.

Student success best practice research

Our research teams surface and disseminate the most innovative student success practices from across the nation. Every person at member institutions receives access to the complete suite of ongoing EAB student success research, best practice reports, expert insights, and webconferences.

Dedicated consulting support

To minimize the burden on your IT staff, our team of technological consultants takes on the majority of heavy lifting necessary to get your customized platform up and running. Our experts then work directly with you to train users on the system, identify opportunities for improvement, and suggest best practice solutions to support your completion efforts.

Peer benchmarking and collaboration

Upon joining the Collaborative, members enter into a progressive network of colleges and universities dedicated to sharing best practices and student success innovations with the goal of elevating performance at all institutions. Tools and reports allow each member to benchmark against peers and assess overall performance.