Building a Culture of Solution-Oriented Advising to Retain More Students

A case study from Purdue University Calumet

Impact highlights

  • The challenge: Prior to 2012, Purdue University Calumet advisors lacked the ability to track students and to provide data-driven insights and guidance.

  • The solution: In partnership with SSC, the university integrated data into decision-making processes both for individual advisors and institutional-level policies.

Data-Informed Policy Changes Eliminating Barriers to Success

Enabling Advisors to Provide Tailored Guidance and Support

Early Changes Already Impacting Student Outcomes

About Purdue University Calumet

Purdue University Calumet is a Carnegie-classified public master's university, with an undergraduate enrollment of 8,600 students and a six-year graduation rate of 31%. They have a long supported a population of typically-underserved students, including first-generation, commuter, low socio-economic status, and racial minorities.

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