Coordinating and restructuring around technology to better support students in need

Fort Lewis College

  • About: Fort Lewis College (FLC) is a public liberal arts college in Durango, Colorado with an undergraduate enrollment of 3,704 and a six-year graduation rate of 37%.

Impact Highlights

  • Challenge: FLC’s student population is comprised of 32% Native Americans, which is the most under-represented population in higher education. In addition, 30% of FLC’s students receive Pell Grants. Historically, 12% of first-year students become academically disqualified after the first year. To improve outcomes, FLC knew it would need to change its approach to student support.

  • Solution: Fort Lewis restructured its advising and student services model and set ambitious goals to begin improving student outcomes. SSC set this transition in motion and enabled FLC to take a comprehensive, coordinated approach that included strategic, data-driven advising campaigns.

  • Impact: With the help of SSC, FLC reduced the number of academically disqualified first-year students from 12% to 10% and boosted enrollment, helping realize a 4% increase in FTFT retention in fall 2015.

SSC Enabled Rapid Results to Sustain Continued Growth
Planning to Reinvest Revenue Gains in 2016-17

Planning to reinvest revenue gains in 2016-17

“SSC has given us the framework to make systematic chages, and made us very bold and brave as we set out to reach our student success goals.” -Carol Smith, Associate VP of Enrollment Management

A New Student Support Model, Integrated through SSC
FLC Deconstructed Advising Functions to Match Expertise to Student Need

A new student support model, integrated through SSC

Data-Driven Advising Campaigns Target Essential Populations
Beginning with Pockets of Urgent, Actionable Student Risk

Data-driven advising campaigns target essential populations

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