SSC Member Success Stories

How institutions are partnering with SSC to improve student retention and success

About the Case Studies

Below is a collection of case studies profiling how colleges and universities nationwide are partnering with SSC to achieve meaningful gains in student retention and success.

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Improving faculty advising with a customized approach to SSC implementation

December 2015 | Slippery Rock University

Learn how Slippery Rock University invested in raising the value of advising across all departments using SSC, ultimately increasing first-to-second year retention by nearly two percentage points, from 81.6% to 83.3%.

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Winning over the faculty to elevate the quality of advising and mentoring

December 2015 | Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania

Faculty at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania also serve as advisors, but students had expressed dissatisfaction with advising interactions. Learn how leadership customized the SSC implementation and training process to ensure early faculty buy-in, leading to high utilization rates and satisfaction from faculty advisors.

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Coordinating and restructuring around technology to better support students in need

December 2015 | Fort Lewis College

Learn how Fort Lewis College leveraged SSC to reduce the number of academically disqualified first-year students from 12% to 10% and boost enrollment, comtributing to a 4% increase in first-time full-time retention in Fall 2015.

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Amplifying the impact of new initiatives with technology to exceed strategic goals

November 2015 | California State University—Fullerton

California State University—Fullerton inflected graduation rates by 11% and narrowed the graduation gap for minority students by 4%. See how SSC helped them get there with tech-enabled, scalable interventions.

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Leveraging existing expertise to rapidly secure campus-wide adoption and improve retention

November 2015 | Bowling Green State University

BGSU created a strategic Peer Training Team charged with increasing SSC buy-in and competency among advisors. Within just three months, advisor logins increased by 150%, contributing to a corresponding 1.6% increase in retention and $305,691 in preserved revenue.

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Seeing early ROI by targeting discrete pockets of risk

November 2015 | Virginia Commonwealth University

Learn how Virginia Commonwealth University used SSC's predictive analytics to retain an additional 65 students and $346,000 in tuition and fees revenue in Spring 2015.

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Strategic interventions generate rapid persistence gains

April 2015 | Middle Tennessee State University

Through its partnership with SSC, MTSU was able to increase overall persistence by 1.5 percentage points, retaining an additional 390 students for $1.5M in spring tuition revenue.

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Harnessing the power of big data to increase revenue and elevate student success

Feb. 2015 | Southern Illinois University

Learn how SIU partnered with SSC to arm administrators and advisors with dedicated support and predictive insight, enabling more strategic student interventions, better decision making at all levels, and nearly half a million in additional tuition revenue from Fall 2013 to Spring 2014.

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Improving student outcomes with data-driven advising and intervention

Feb. 2015 | Georgia State University

Discover how Georgia State University increased graduation rates and reduced time-to-degree by innovating the academic advising experience.

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Building a culture of solution-oriented advising to retain more students

Dec. 2014 | Purdue University Calumet

Find out how PUC partnered with SSC to integrate data into decision-making processes at both the individual advisor level and institution-wide—leading to a 4.7% increase in first-time, full-time student retention.

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Improving student outcomes with data-driven advising and intervention

Sept. 2014 | University of Missouri

Missouri leaders recognize the moral imperative—and growing financial necessity—of retaining and graduating career-ready students. Find out how they partnered with SSC to address sources of attrition, reveal opportunities for systemic change, and more.

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