What “Hidden Motives” Could Lead Your Students to Poor Decisions?

The unseen cognitive biases that keep your students from succeeding—and nudges you can use to overcome them


A major part of the student success challenge is getting students to take timely actions that can make or break their college experience. You may find yourself scratching your head when students make choices that undermine their own self-interest, such as under-loading credit hours or delaying their major declaration.

Help your students stay on track with best practice advising techniques

Download this infographic to uncover the invisible cognitive biases that may be holding your students back, and four behavioral “nudges” to keep them on track.

Download the Infographic

It won a Nobel Prize—but what does nudging mean for your students?

Learn more about how a concept from behavioral economics can help students to act and to make decisions that support their long-term goals, without limiting their choices. Read the Blog.

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