How Your Students are Falling Out of Balance

Constructing a model of how students experience college

 Student Mental Model

Understanding why some students drop out while others persist is central to the question of student success. EAB user experience researchers conducted hundreds of interviews with students to uncover how they conceive of college success. They found that balance between the different spheres of a student’s college experience—people, academics, and events—was more critical than a single-minded focus on succeeding in any one sphere.

Explore this infographic to discover how the balance between the three spheres of experience can naturally shift across a student’s lifecycle—and how falling too far out of balance can derail their college journey.


Want to read the research behind this infographic?

What is the mindset of today’s college student? What separates a successful student from one who drops out? How does the psychology of a student change over time?

Our researchers set out to answer these questions and more. We watched, listened, and learned from hundreds of students to discover how students behave when their lives are balanced and unbalanced within three ‘spheres of engagement.’ Get your complimentary white paper.

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