Institution Reports

Learn how to use historical analytics to drive change on campus

The Institution Reports in the SSC platforms are analyses of historical student data that provide insights into patterns of student performance at your institution, with a special focus on factors impacting graduation. They can be used by various decision-makers on campus—from deans to unit directors—to look for opportunities to impact student success. To build the reports, EAB acquires up to 10 years of historical data, cleanses it, and loads it into the SSC platform, where the reports can be configured based on institution preferences.

Miss our "Hitting the Ground Running with Your Institution Reports" webconference? Watch the video and download the slides here

Below, you will find three resources that we have developed to help members navigate, interpret, and leverage the Institution Reports. You must log in to access these resources:

  • Institution Reports User Guide
  • Institution Reports e-Learning Modules
  • Institution Reports Toolkit

Target advising to boost student success

How well does your advising program enable your institution's student success strategy? With input from member universities, we developed an advising program diagnostic that will help you evaluate your advising structure, technology, processes, and more. Download the diagnostic

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