Member Testimonial Videos

Stories of how SSC is having an impact

Topics: Degree Progress, Student Retention and Success, First Year Experience, Student Learning Outcomes, Assessment

About the Videos

In the videos below, hear directly from our members about the impact the Student Success Collaborative™ (SSC) is having on their campuses.

Mercy College
Meeting students where they are—their phones

Rajesh Kumar, Executive Director of the PACT program at Mercy College, explains how the Guide mobile advisor initiates important conversations with students about their journey through college. Watch the video.

Georgia State University
Creating a culture where numbers matter

Timothy Renick, Vice Provost at GSU, shares how SSC has helped them translate data into actionable tactics to significantly narrow the achievement gap. He explains "why numbers matter"—and how embracing this mentality on GSU's campus has allowed them to make measurable strides, most notably a 3% gain in graduation rate. Watch the video.

Middle Tennessee State University
Achieving persistence gains beyond first year

Rick Sluder, Vice Provost, discusses how—in just a few short months—MTSU has been able to realize considerable gains in persistence across its entire student body. By embracing data, running campaigns, and targeting the "Murky Middle", MTSU has retained an additional 459 students. Watch the videos.