How Purdue University Calumet drove a 4.7% increase in first-year retention

Dhanfu Elston, Executive Director of Student Success and Transition at PUC, explains how the Student Success Collaborative has helped the university reshape their culture of advising and embrace data to become more engaged with students.

Purdue University Calumet (PUC; now Purdue University Northwest) is a large public master's university located in Hammond, Ind. Prior to joining the Student Success Collaborative, PUC struggled to improve the graduation and retention rates of its dynamic student population.

Since joining the Student Success Collaborative, PUC has not only reshaped the culture of advising, it has also made advisors' lives easier. By embracing data, PUC has become more engaged with its students, which has allowed them to catch and help more students that they might have otherwise missed. In this video, Dhanfu Elston, Executive Director of Student Success and Transition, explains how SSC has changed the way PUC does business, which has in turn had a positive impact on its students.

Improved student success, by the numbers

In partnership with SSC, PUC has realized considerable positive results:

  • 4.7% gain in first-time/full-time retention
  • $400,000 anticipated revenue due to annualized retention gains
  • 26% increase in FT/FT students declaring a major by the end of their first year
  • 35% increase in students declaring by the end of their first year
  • 86% increase in students utilizing supplemental instruction
  • 12% gain in graduation probability of undeclared students

How late is too late to declare a major?

One of PUC's focus areas was retaining students who had not declared a major. When is the best time for students to declare? Read our white paper for three surprising insights from our research into major declaration.


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