Video Roundtable: Transforming Student Success at Small Schools

Small School roundtable

Small enrollment institutions attract students on the promise of a personalized and high-touch college experience. However, these institutions often share that their size poses unique challenges, including constrained resources and an over-reliance on faculty to deliver advising. These challenges and others leave many small-school administrators reluctant to implement new student success initiatives or technology.

Recently, leaders from two small enrollment Student Success Collaborative member institutions sat down with EAB Managing Director Jocelyn Powers to discuss their experiences working with EAB to implement new technology, gain buy-in, and improve outcomes. Hear from Nancy Biggio of Samford University (3,168 students) and Farrah Jackson Ward of Elizabeth City State University (1,535 students) in the videos below.

Video 1: Tackling the Unique Challenges Faced by Small Institutions
What challenges do smaller schools face related to student success that larger schools do not?

Video 2: Engaging Faculty in Student Success Initiatives
How can you increase faculty engagement in advising through the use of Campus?

Video 3: Tailoring the Implementation Process to Your Institution
How do you leverage EAB resources as you began implementation?

Video 4: Delivering on the Promise of Personalized Care with Limited Resources
How can you support change on campus?

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Tackling the Unique Challenges Faced by Small Institutions

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