Is Your College Designed for Post-Traditional Learners?

13 strategies to ensure you aren't underserving today's community college student

Our white paper outlines how to retain post-traditional learners by addressing their real motivation: a promising career.

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Since the peak of the recession, community colleges have experienced steady declines in enrollment of adult learners. While students flooded classrooms during the recession to upskill or retrain for new careers, today's strong labor market has led to complacency about the need to prepare for the next economic downturn.

To demonstrate the value of education during economic upswings, colleges must show students that enrollment is feasible alongside other responsibilities and will make them less vulnerable in the future.

Our white paper outlines how community colleges can adapt to the needs of prospective and stopped-out students. Download the white paper for specific strategies to retain and engage post-traditional learners, from ensuring students are in the right program of study for their career goals, to making student services more accessible and aligning curricula with student goals and local labor market expectations.

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Retain your post-traditional students by addressing their motivations and adapting your college to better meet their needs with these 13 actionable strategies.

Download the White Paper

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