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Provide smart guidance at students’ most pivotal moments, simplifying and structuring their college journey. 

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Platform Capabilities: Milestone Guidance

Pivotal Moments Path

Organize key onboarding and ongoing guidance for students. Moments are arranged by due date, tailored to a variety of student types, and based on multiple datasets, including in-app micro-surveys

Term-to-Term Tools

Equip students with tools to take actions, such as, schedule appointments with success network, view class schedule, plan week, join study groups, receive targeted messages, and clear holds

Program Explorer 

Allow students to initiate their own program of study and career exploration through an interactive questionnaire and real-time career data

Platform Capabilities: Academic Planning

Course and Term Planning

Provide students with degree maps, moveable course tiles, requirements and course catalog, and credit tracking all in one place

Shared Workspace

Enable advisor and student collaboration in one shared digital workspace whenever either is free

Best-Fit Scheduling and Registration

Ensure students register and persist with integrated planning, scheduling, and registration tools

 Navigate shows you everything in an uncluttered and simple way. It’s really easy to know what I have to do, and having a schedule collected in front of you really helps finalize what [classes] you’re going to take.