Case Study Compendium 2019

Highlighting breakthrough results from 17 Student Success Collaborative members

SSC Case Study Compendium

500+ colleges and universities have joined the Student Success Collaborative to drive change through a combination of best practice research, analytics and technology, and customized change management support. Student Success Collaborative members have been able to support, retain, and graduate more students, seeing impressive results in the first year of membership and beyond.

The way that each institution achieves these results is unique to their culture and mission. The Case Study Compendium details a range of approaches to improving student outcomes through the success stories of 17 diverse institutions.

Each case study falls into one of five distinct categories:

  • Coordinating Student Interventions
  • Elevating Faculty Engagement
  • Leveraging Data-Driven Insights
  • Engaging Students through the Mobile App
  • Transforming Academic Advising

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Measuring Student Success infographic

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It takes a village to improve student success at 4-year schools and community colleges. Learn how coordinated student care can help students, faculty and staff, and administrators amplify the impact they have on student success metrics.

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