Adapting to Uniform Guidance Procurement Changes

Topics: Procurement, Administration and Finance, Research Enterprise, Research Compliance, Research Administration

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The Uniform Guidance has been a source of significant interest at many of our member institutions due to the changes surrounding purchasing thresholds, record maintenance and signatory guidelines, and other procurement standards.

This report examines how profiled institutions ensure compliance with the new procurement standards and determine institutional purchasing permissions and limits.

  • Key observations from our research:

    1. Develop procurement checklists to help staff navigate switch to separate standards for federal and non-federal procurement.

    2. Lower micro-purchase and procurement card federal purchase limits to meet new $3,000 thresholds standards.

    3. Create implementation plans and determine infrastructure changes prior to enacting new standards in July 2016.

    4. Gather insights on Uniform Guidance-necessitated procurement changes from research and procurement administrators, faculty, and principal investigators.

    5. Contacts anticipate few changes to affirmative action, record maintenance, signatory, and conflict of interest policies.